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Covid-19 Update From A.R. Pollio Electrical in Point Pleasant, NJ

What is A.R. Pollio Electrical Contractor, LLC Doing to Ensure Your Safety During Social Distancing Regulations in New Jersey?

We would like to take a moment to tell you what A.R. Pollio Electrical Contractor is doing to address Covid-19. We are dedicated to the health and safety of the community and are taking precautions to ensure social distancing is in place.

For your safety as well as our safety we have strict safety procedures put in place regarding electrical work that will be taking place. Our work vehicle is equipped with extra hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and other protective gear. Electricians are still considered essential during this time, but there are some limitations.

Contactless Estimates for Electrical Work in Ocean County, New Jersey

When it comes to a free estimate, I will be conducting them virtually. If you are interested in electrical work please email me photos and a description of what electrical services you need. Upon entering your home, I ask that you are in a different room with more than 6 ft of distance between myself and my electrical helper(s).

If the photos differ from what I see when I get to your home, the estimate can change. So please be very descriptive with the photos you take and within the email prior to me arriving.

Inspections & Permits for Electrical Servicing in Ocean County

I can submit for a permit if need be for the electrical service you need, but with the regulations of the town you are in, permits most likely will not be processed, as of now.

If you are looking for something simple like a replacement fan, an outlet switch is broken, etc a permit is not needed in those cases and a few others. For install or altering of any permanent wiring or electrical device, running additional wiring, putting in an electrical outlet or light fixture, install of a receptacle for a garage-door opener, or convert from fuse box to circuit breakers, etc will need a permit to proceed.

Contact For Your Virtual Free Electrical Estimate in Ocean County

A.R. Pollio Electrical Contractor, LLC is committed to your health and safety while still wanting to help with your electrical services and needs. We will do anything we can to try to help you during this pandemic. Please give me a call at 732-892-1450, submit through my contact form or email to see if I am able to help you with your electrical needs at this time. A.R. Pollio Electrical Contractor, LLC is still accepting jobs and we look forward to hearing from you.

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